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124 Eglinton Avenue West Suite 200 M4R 2G8 Toronto Canada

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  • Reception Desk

Media and technology

  • Computer with internet available
  • Interactive whiteboard


  • Self-study area
  • Student lounge

Food and Drink

  • Vending machine

Canada’s largest city is made up of many urban villages that reflect Toronto’s multicultural roots. Learn English in Toronto during the summer and see the city come to life with a carnival atmosphere of weekly festivals and street fairs. You can also choose to relax along the waterfront or in one of the city’s many green spaces. If you would like your EC Experience to include cultural influences from around the world, Toronto is the EC city to be in.

Join us at our school in Canada’s largest city and financial capital! Students love this exciting city because it has everything: culture, sports and nightlife, as well as great food and a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

Located in Midtown Toronto, EC Toronto (formerly LSC Toronto) is part of EC's world-wide chain of language schools.

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Language courses

Course starts every Monday and is for all language levels.

General English courses - EC Toronto

English 16 - 99 years old

With a focus on fluency, the General English courses allow you to improve your English and gain a practical understanding of the language and how to use it. You will focus on the 4 skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening, in order to improve your level and maximise your ability to use English.

What can you expect from this course?

Real English
We help you to develop your English systems (grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation) and skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening), while also building the learning skills that will keep you improving and give you the confidence to use that knowledge in real-life.  

Creative and Energetic Classes
When it comes to creating lessons, our teachers know what works. Classes are dynamic, engaging and motivating, designed to activate and build upon your strengths, whilst also giving targeted attention to your weaker areas. Relaxed and informal classroom environments create an encouraging atmosphere to help you build your confidence, realise your potential, and advance towards fluency.

Learn by Doing
At EC, progress is maximised as you are encouraged to learn by doing. Our task-based lessons focus on the active production of English, promoting class participation and interaction between students. We provide you the targeted support to help you achieve your academic goals. Our assessments give you feedback on how you are progressing and where you need more help.

Improve Your ‘Thinking Time’
As your skills and confidence develop with support from your teachers, so too will your ability to listen, understand and respond quickly and effectively in English. You will notice these improvements most of all when you take your English outside of the classroom and into everyday conversation in one of our vibrant English-speaking destinations!

Expert Support
Your teachers are trained to deliver on-going support, feedback and care throughout your time at EC. You will be taught by at least two teachers, exposing you to a variety of voices, improving your listening and boosting your vocabulary.

Authentic Materials
We believe there is no substitute for authentic English, so in addition to text books, our teachers use real-life resources taken from newspapers, TV, radio and the Internet. The authentic nature of these materials will give you an appreciation of the richness of the English language used in a variety of everyday contexts.

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English for Work - EC Toronto

English 16 - 99 years old

20 General English + 4 English for Work Lessons - 12 weeks maximum

For those who want to compete successfully in today’s global workplace, this intensive course develops the fluency, accuracy and the specific communication skills you need to advance confidently in your chosen career.

What can you expect on this course?

Intensive language learning
This course builds your General English skills, and then focuses on the language you will need in the workplace. Through intensive practice in the four skills, you will gain the means to express yourself effectively in English. So in the future, whether you want to network at a conference, give a presentation or lead a conference call, you can do so with fluency, accuracy and confidence.

Professional focus
As English is the global language of business, politics, international relations, culture and entertainment, this course will develop your linguistic skills and help towards building a career in an international context.

You will develop your language skills within such areas as:

  • Leading and managing meetings and conference calls
  • Presentations
  • Project planning
  • Small talk
  • Goal-setting
  • Applying for jobs
  • Interviewing
You will enhance valuable ‘soft skills’, focusing on how to justify your opinion, make recommendations, present different scenarios and resolve conflict.
In today’s world, understanding these professional issues and having the language and key skills to work with them effectively will give you a distinct advantage as you progress up the career ladder.

Develop your international prospects
By the end of your time with us, important doors will be open for you. You will not only considerably improve your English fluency, but you will also have the specific language, knowledge and skills to deal confidently with a wide range of business issues. All this will give you a vital edge over the competition as exciting new employment prospects open up around the world.

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Usually the check-in is one or two days before the start of the course, and check out on the day of graduation. You can change the dates in the form.

I do not need accommodation

Standard Homestay - EC Toronto

Homestay 16 - 99 years old

Toronto is an extremely diverse, multi-cultural, and lively city. You’ll find an abundance of vibrant nightlife, stunning architecture, great museums, galleries & theatres, wonderful vintage stores, luxury shops and everything in between.

Description of Accommodation

Staying with a local family is both exciting and rewarding. Host families provide the best insight into how Canadian families live their day-to-day lives. This interaction with a family will help you communicate better and faster, and allow you to pick up words and nuances used in daily situations. Students are encouraged to participate in family activities and outings.

There is no typical homestay in Toronto. Homes may be single standing homes, apartments or multifamily homes. Living in a homestay will give you a great view of all the different cultures and ethnicities that Toronto has to offer.

Choose between a single or twin room. Each room is furnished with a bed, desk, and a closet. It is important that rooms and living areas are kept neat and tidy. You will also have access to a shared bathroom. Private bathrooms are also an option, upon availability. Internet access is available in the homestay, but usage may be limited.

Meal Description

Breakfast and dinner are provided daily by the homestay host. Hosts will prepare dinner, but students may be responsible for preparing their own breakfasts.

Lunch is not included in the adult homestay programme. The host will provide room in the fridge and pantry to store any food that students may purchase.

Host families make an effort to adjust the type of food offered to the tastes of the students and take religious beliefs into consideration when preparing meals. Vegetarians or people with food allergies should specify their dietary restrictions upon booking so this information can be shared with families prior to arrival.

Breakfast varies from family to family. It is typical for Canadians to have a quick, on-the-go breakfast such as toast and a coffee. Hosts are encouraged to offer students whatever the family typically eats. Students will eat whatever the family eats and help set the table or clear up after dinner.

Dinner time is usually around 7:30 pm, but families will inform the student of the time when they eat. Not all families will sit down and have dinner together every night. It is important that the student informs the host family beforehand should they be late or not having dinner. If a student misses dinner, they cannot take it for lunch the next day, since lunch is not included in the homestay programme.

Journey to school

Toronto is a very large city, with a very simple transit system. Our homestays all live within 60 minutes travel time to EC Toronto, with an average of 45 – 60 minutes (if there are any bus or subway delays or rush hours, travel time might take longer). All of our homestays are close to a bus or subway. It is very common to take a few different modes of transportation to get to your destination (such as a bus, subway, and streetcar). Our homestay hosts are happy to assist the students to the school on their first few days to ensure a simple commute.

EC Toronto is located at 124 Eglinton Ave West. The closest subway station is Eglinton Station on the Yonge-University Subway line.

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Standard Downtown Toronto Apartments - EC Toronto

Shared Apartment 18 - 99 years old

Modern and contemporary Sherbourne apartments are located in Toronto’s Yonge and Bloor neighbourhood. It’s all just steps from your door: trendy eateries, eclectic boutiques, and emerging art galleries – all yours to explore!

Description of Accommodation

Each apartment includes a fully-equipped kitchen with major appliances and kitchenware. All apartments feature comfortable and quality furnishings with a sofa, dining set, study desk, smart TV and Netflix. Bedroom door lock or lock box in each bedroom.

Standard Single Room Shared Bathroom– has the largest floor plan and has a large window which allows for plenty of natural light. The room is private and is separated from the rest of the unit and the living room with bookshelves and a folding, sliding door. However there is a small gap between the top of the room divider and the ceiling.

Standard Economy Single Room Shared Bathroom– doesn’t have an outside view. The window in the room faces the common area. The window has blinds that can be closed.


  • Cleaning service- once per month for common areas only. Students must keep bedrooms, bathrooms and common areas clean. Dishes need to be done immediately after use
  • Washing Machines (13) and dryers (13) are available in the building’s laundry room downstairs. Washing is $3.25 per load and drying is $2.00 per load. Students can load their laundry card with funds so that they can use the washing machines and dryers in the laundry room
  • Kitchen utensils provided
  • Utility bills are included
  • 24-hour on-site security
  • Students need to supply their own shower towels and consumables (toothpaste, shampoo, toilet papers)
  • Theater room
  • Yoga area
  • The building and the apartment are wheelchair accessible, however the unit is not fully wheelchair accessible/wheelchair adapted (i.e. there is no roll in shower)
  • Luggage drop-off service is available at an additional charge

Arrival and departure

  • Arrival day: Saturday (The student must book the room from Saturday, but can check-in to the residence on Sunday).
Check in: 4.00 pm
Early Check-In (before 9:00am) or Late Check In (after 9:00pm) is available upon request for an additional charge of $50 per person, to be paid by cash at the Residence. Credit Cards are not accepted.
If the flight is delayed, causing the student to arrive at Residence outside of the normal check-in times, he/she will be charged the extra fee. Students will be able to leave their luggage at the apartment and come back at 4 pm (when the room is ready). The student/agent should notify EC of the student’s arrival time so this information will be sent to the residence manager. The student should contact the residence manager by phone, email or Whatsapp when he/she arrives at the Toronto airport to make arrangements for the check-in.

  • Departure day: Saturday
Check out:11.00 am

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Superior HOEM Residence - EC Toronto

School residence 18 - 99 years old

A brand-new residence for over 500 Toronto Metropolitan University students, which our students can live and speak with native English speakers when they are not studying in class. Students will have stunning views of the city or the lake. Four-bedroom apartment, with a shared common space and kitchen. Two bathrooms per apartment. Kitchen includes a stove, fridge, dishwasher, microwave, pots and pans, and utensils.


  • Cleaning service provided bi-weekly for common areas only. Students must keep bedrooms, bathrooms and common areas clean.
  • Washing Machines and dryers operated with reloadable laundry cards are available at a cost of 3.00 CDN. Students need to buy their own washing liquid
  • Kitchen utensils provided
  • Utility bills are included
  • 24-hour on-site security and CCTV
  • Yoga studio, volunteer program
  • Luggage drop-off service is available
  • Concierge on site

Arrival and departure

  • Arrival day: Saturday (Sunday arrival is possible)
    Check in: 3:00 pm
    Early Check-In and  Late Check In are not allowed. Students need to go to the front desk with the passports. The residence will receive from us a weekly arrival list. After the check in process, if is already check in time, somebody from the residence will go with the students and show them their apartment and room. Also, students will get an access card to be able to enter to the building and its amenities. Students are welcome to wait in the large Living Room on the 2nd floor with their luggage while you wait for the check in time”

  • Departure day: Saturday
    Check out: 10.00 am
    Late check out is not allowed.  Students are able to use the facilities after check out time but not their room and apartment.

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