Terms and conditions are a legal agreement between:

The Website (Worddy)

Worddy Booking Solution Limited.

Flat no 6, 31 Sir Adrian Dingli Street, Sliema SLM 1903, Malta
Registration Number: C95318
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The client(s) or user(s): An individual or group of individuals using the services or advice of the website (Worddy)

The General Terms and Conditions set out Worddy are intended to define the contractual obligations established between the client and Worddy and conditions of sale. Please read these Terms & Conditions carefully. All our services, offers and / or reservations are subject to these Terms & Conditions. Booking a language course via Worddy, means that the Terms & Conditions below are accepted. Worddy retains all rights to reject the application of any person deemed unsuitable and this, at its own discretion. All Worddy’s clients are obliged to act in accordance with the rules and regulations established by the contract.


« School » : Provide a language course and/or an accommodation

« Partners »: Companies employed or used by Worddy for their services

« Booking confirmation form »: The document sent to you by the school confirming the booking of your course

« The deposit »: Represent the payment made to warrant the client’s commitments to Worddy and allows Worddy to start the booking process for the desired language course and/or accommodation.



The client acknowledges having read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions.The data recorded by Worddy constitute evidence of all transactions made by the client. Data such as invoices, e-mails or communications testify to the client’s commitment and acceptance.

By accessing or using this Website in any manner, you agree to be bound by the Agreement. Please read the Agreement carefully. If you do not accept all of these terms and conditions, please do not use this Website.

We retain the right at our sole discretion to deny access to anyone to this Website and the services we offer and this at any time and for any reason, including, but not limited to, for violation of this Agreement.

Description of the Services

Worddy has been created in order to help users to find appropriate language schools and courses and accommodations all over the world. We operate as middle person or intermediate between the users and the language schools. We offer the users the opportunity to find information that will help them in their search or to let us provide them with information and help them with booking process of their courses and/or accommodation.

As a matter of clarification, Worddy do not offer language courses, accommodations, we do not own schools or accommodations and cannot be deemed responsible/liable for anything that may happen while performing a language trip. Users will be subjected by rules established by schools or accommodations owners and by the law of the countries they will be in. Worddy cannot be deemed liable but not limited to for any injury, damage, theft, caused to a user while performing a language trip.

Worddy only ease the making of reservations with the service providers. Worddy is not a party to the contract between you and the service providers. Prior to making a booking, you should ensure that you have reviewed the service providers's terms and conditions and that they are acceptable to you.  Worddy shall in no way be liable to you in the event that the course or accommodation services are not suitable for your purpose and this is a matter to be dealt with between you and the service providers in question

Worddy’s only responsibility is to easy the booking process for the user of the language course and accommodation by offering the right level of customer service and appropriate information to help user make the right choice of destinations, schools or language provider.

Registration and client's commitments

1.1 Worddy’s website is free of use, without any obligation to purchase.

1.2 Upon booking, the client reads and agrees to Worddy’s Terms & Conditions.

1.3 Clients must provide accurate and complete information in order to book a language course/accommodation

1.4 Client must be over 16 years old and  possesses legal authority to create binding legal obligations

1.5 Worddy reserves the right to refuse application if the client fails to provide information within the acceptable timescale or has a criminal conviction for a serious offence or for one which is incompatible with your chosen destination or anything that in IM’s opinion makes the client unsuitable for the chosen placement.

Acceptance conditions

2.1 Once the school corresponding to the client profile and to its expectations has been found, the client cannot refuse to do pay the school for the chosen course/accommodation except for valid reasons clearly explained to Worddy. If applicable and at Worddy’ sole discretion, the refusal will allow the client not the settle the school’s course/accommodation but the paid deposit is not refundable.

2.2 The deposit paid to start the booking process cannot be refunded

Responsibility and behaviour of the client

3.1 It is the responsibility of the client to have a public liability insurance and a medical insurance and/or comprehensive insurance.

3.2 The client is fully responsible for its acts throughout the stay. It is liable for any damage, loss or damage resulting from its acts. The client agrees to indemnify Worddy, the school, or any other party that may suffer loss or damage due to the client’s conduct. The client must be insured for any damage or loss that can be caused during the language course/accommodation stay.

3.3 The client undertakes to respect the law of the country it will be doing its course in, and not to harm itself or a third party. If the client does not act in compliance with the facts set out above, it will be deemed fully responsible for the consequences of its acts.

3.4 It is the client’s responsibility to obtain all necessary documents for traveling abroad but the School will be supporting the client for Visa requirements.

3.5 The client undertakes to behave respectfully during its stay in any partner schools.

3.6 Worddy, its staff and its partners cannot be held responsible for any injury, accident, theft, damage, disease, loss, cost or risk that may be incurred during a course or a stay in an accommodation provided by a partner school.

3.7 The client is responsible for its own safety during the journey and during its stay.

Worddy’s commitments and liabilities

  • Worddy’s mission is to empower people to improve their language levels, by offering the world's best languages schools and accommodation to stay and learn. In order to achieve this goal, we will live up to the following good practices:
  • We care about you: and therefore offer our Platform and customer services in 4 languages
  • We bring and allow you to direct book the best schools and accommodation or to let us book them for you
  • We can facilitate the payment of any (entrance) fee, purchase or hire of any Trip product and service which uses our payment service
  • We help you7/7 throught our customer support that stay at your disposal
  • We listen to you: our Platform is the product of what YOU (the users) prefer and find most convenient when using our service
  • We hear you: we show uncensored reviews (of customers who have actually stayed)
  • We promise you an informative, user-friendly website that guarantees the best and more accurate information to make your search of languages courses easier.
  • We offer you the best possible prices and ease communication between you and the school.

4.1 Worddy acts as an intermediary between the client and the school/accommodation provider.

4.2 Worddy is not responsible for the services provided by the school or accommodation provider, its partners or by other service providers (taxi, cleaning service…).

4.3 Worddy agrees to link the client with schools and accommodation provider.

4.4 Worddy agrees support the client during his stay in a partner school/accommodation.

4.5 Worddy agrees to be available for all relevant information to the client.

4.6 Worddy cannot be held responsible if the client does not get its visa, or if it does not purchase its travel ticket to ensure the beginning of course at the scheduled date.

4.7 Worddy cannot be held liable for any costs due to flight changes, delays or cancellations. Worddy does not recommend any airline or insurance provider. It is the responsibility of the client.

4.8 The client hereby acknowledges that Worddy is not legally responsible for the client during and outside of the course or accommodation.

4.9 The client accepts, understands and acknowledges that travelling or residing temporarily in a foreign country entails a certain degree of risk and danger, inherently dangerous activities or personal risk, both foreseen and unforeseen, which are fully accepted and assumed by the client. The client discharges Worddy from liability and this permanently and irrevocably, for any personal injury, physical, psychological, finacial caused by any trip abroad or by residing in a foreign country during the client’s stay. Worddy or assigns, successors, agents, employees, representatives, host families, host companies, accommodation companies, landlords,  and other service providers (taxi, cleaning service…) cannot be prosecuted for events beyond their control, such as illness, injury (whether emotional or physical), death, damage, loss, theft.

4.10 The client agrees to waive all the claims against Worddy and releases Worddy from its liability (these terms include, assigns, successors, officers, directors, the company itself, employees and agents of the company as well as host companies and any person or entity employed or used by Worddy) arising from or in connection with any property or physical damages, losses, thefts, accidents, delays, irregularities or other circumstances which the client may suffer from and any circumstances of insuperable force, strikes or government restrictions, war, terrorism, sickness or quarantine or acts or omissions of any agents over which such persons have no direct control, including, without limitation or qualification, airlines, railways, transportation companies, bus, taxi, traffic, restaurants, student residences, apartments, hostels, hotels or host families. The client must understand that he/she is responsible for exercising caution and common sense and taking all measures at all times to avoid injuries and/or death, thefts, losses. The client hereby waives all claims, refund, lawsuits, damages against Worddy.

4.11 Worddy takes no responsibility and is not liable for any accidents at any third party’s locations, including but not limited to the premises of the language course provider (school) and the designated accommodation. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure it purchases personal liability insurance prior to the commencement of its course. The client is responsible for ensuring that it has purchased full, comprehensive insurance prior to departure abroad, which will cover it for the duration of the course and which includes, but is not limited to, travel, health, medical and accident insurance. The client must bring all relevant insurance documents when departing abroad.

4.12 The maximum liability of Worddy is limited to the amount of the deposit pay by the client to help him book a language school and/or an accommodation.

Our service is based on information provided by service providers (school/accommodation provider). Although we do our best effort to ensure that all information provided on this website is accurate, we cannot guarantee that all information is comprehensive and error-free, nor can we be held responsible for interruptions, inaccuracies, typographical errors or non-delivery of information.

Service providers cannot be held responsible for any changes that arise or errors that might have occurred. Worddy cannot be held liable for changes to any of the content, or products and services published on this website at any time without notice. In addition, Worddy makes no representations or warranties to the accuracy or completeness of the information accessible via this site. All bookings for courses and accommodation services on this website are made directly with the service providers concerned and not with Worddy.

The client agrees that it is the language course provider's responsibility to provide you with the language course or tuition and that your contract is with the schools

The language school / accommodation provider

5.1 The school is the sole decision-maker regarding the choice of applicants for the language course.

5.2 The client must comply with the code of conduct of the school. (Punctuality, respect for the teachers and other students, adherence to the company policies, which may be set out in a staff handbook or verbally)

5.3 The client is under the responsibility of the school from the beginning of the stay.

Accommodation general conditions

6.1 Worddy does not own any of the accommodations proposed. Only schools own and offer accommodations options to the clients. Worddy is released its responsibilities regarding the accommodation (in case of loss, theft, non-recovery of the deposit, damages etc..).

6.2 The client is responsible for personal belongings in its accommodation.

6.3 The client cannot host a guest without informing the owner or the school or accommodation provider.

6.4 The Schools or accommodation provider may move the client from its room or accommodation in case of emergency (renovation, disagreements between roommates/flatmates…).

6.5 The client is expected to respect the calm of the accommodation and neighbourhood.

6.6 If the client breaks an item belonging to the owner of the accommodation, the client will be held responsible and asked to reimburse it, or it will be deducted from the deposit. If the amount of the deposit is inferior to the amount of damage, additional expenses will be charged.

6.7 The client must pay the deposit and first month’s rent before entering the accommodation.

6.8 The client must return the accommodation in a clean state (furniture as well as dishes) and during the stay must help to maintain the cleanliness of common rooms (living room, bathroom, kitchen, toilet). In case the cleanliness of the accommodation or the state of the furniture is deemed unacceptable by the owner or the accommodation company, the accommodation company may keep some or all of the deposit depending on the state of the accommodation.

6.9 If the client decides to move out by itself, it will be responsible for negotiations with the accommodation provider regarding the return of the deposit.

The School or accommodation provider are solely responsible of the client. Worddy has no liability or responsibility regarding any accommodations as Worddy has no control over accommodations and cannot be help responsible for something Worddy has no control on.

Airport Transfert

7.1 The student can purchase an airport transfer within the enrolment form. This service includes being met at the airport by a school representative and transportation from the airport to the accommodation. All flight information should be sent at least one week before arrival. This service is also available at additional cost for the return trip.

7.2 Airport transfers are managed directly by the school staff and not by Worddy.

Payment and deposit refund

8.1 The client acknowledges that the tuition, registration fee, accommodation placement fee, and all other fees paid are non-refundable.The client acknowledges that your place on any course is not confirmed until all fees have been fully paid and Worddy or the school concerned has confirmed availability and receipt of this full payment. Failure to pay in full upon presentation of invoice issued by the school will automatically cancelled your place in the school.

8.2 The client may cancel the booking before arrival in accordance with the terms and conditions of the language schoo. Please do so directly with the relevant language school. Cancellations after deadlines in the terms and conditions of the language travel service provider may result in the loss of any fees paid. The client acknowledges that every effort is made to ensure the language provider have been provided with your correct details to ensure your booking is processed correctly. You are responsible for any errors or omissions in the details you have submitted.

8.3 The client agrees to pay any cancellation or change fees that you incur. In limited cases, some language school or travel service provider do not permit changes to or cancellations of reservations after they are made, as indicated in the rules and restrictions for the reservation. You agree to abide by the terms and conditions imposed with respect to your prepaid language course reservations.

The client agrees that in the highly unlikely event of a problem arising, Worddy’s liability to you, if any, is limited to the amount of deposit paid in order to start the booking process.

General terms of payment and reimbursement

Worddy’s use of website is free of charge for users and we will not charge you directly for language courses or for accommodations. You will pay the School the relevant amount as indicated in the Booking reservation (plus - insofar not included in the price – relevant applicable taxes, levies and fees (if applicable).

Worddy only charges a deposit which is set to start the booking process but courses and accommodation are paid directly to schools and not to Worddy.

Worddy reserves the right to change prices. However, the services are charged on the basis of the rates in effect at the date of the client’s registration (means once the booking deposit is paid

9.1 All payments are secure and are made by bank transfer, paypal. The prices are in Euros and include all taxes.

9.2 Payment of the deposit has to be made in order to enable Worddy to take care of the booking process. The deposit is not refundable.

9.3 Transfer fees are the responsibility of the client.

9.4 Changes in currency rates are non refundable.

9.5 The cancellation of the application on the ground of change of mind, change of field of study or obtaining credit is not a valid excuse to be refunded.

9.6 The client is solely responsible if he stops the courses after its commencement.

9.7 Once the final payment has been received by the school, Worddy sends the client the booking confirmation issued by the school or the school send it directly to the client.

9.8 The visa fees, airfare, insurance or the monthly rent of the accommodations are not included in Worddy’s deposit.

Unavoidable circumstances

10.1 Worddy and its partners or suppliers are released from their contractual obligations upon the occurrence of a force majeure event, or any act attributable to a third party, or any other circumstances or external cause and / or independent of Worddy staff, directly or indirectly preventing Worddy from meeting its contractual obligations. In these circumstances, any delay or failure to perform its obligations may give rise to damages. Cases of force majeure include, without limitation, in addition to the cases recognized by the courts, all natural disasters, acts of war, public order offenses, epidemics, fires, floods and other disasters, acts of any government, all strikes in any form whatsoever (internal, external, …) and any malfunction of the Internet or networks


11.1 The client agrees not to disclose any information in relation with Worddy and its partners to its competitors, schools, institutions or other students.

Applicable law and disputes

12.1 These Terms & Conditions are valid from April 16 2020 and are subject to the laws of Malta. If changes are made to the Terms and Conditions, they will be valid at the time of their publication on the website.
This contract is subject to the laws of Malta. The sole jurisdiction in any dispute is the court of Malta.

These Terms and Conditions represent a contract between the client and Worddy.

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