Good Hope Studies - City Centre

5 St Georges Mall 8001 Cape Town South Africa

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School Facilities


  • Air conditioning
  • Reception Desk
  • garden

Media and technology

  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Free Wifi


  • Self-study area
  • Student lounge

Food and Drink

  • Coffee shop
  • Snack

Good Hope Studies was founded in 1995. The idea was to open a language school that was different from all the other schools. We wanted to provide a learning environment which is relaxed and fun to study in. Instead of renting cheap office space in the noisy city centre, we started our first school in a lovely private house in the leafy residential area of Newlands. The school was close to the host families, saving students on travel time. It was also close to public transport and close to the commercial centre of Claremont, an area that offers all amenities like restaurants, supermarkets, banks, cinemas, bars and more. Our students learnt English in the shade of an old oak tree instead of listening to the dull hum of air-conditioning. It turned out that students loved our concept and they progressed much faster than in a conventional environment.

Our English language school is situated in a beautiful historic building in a pedestrian zone in the city centre Cape Town. Here you can study in a quiet learning environment yet when you step outside, you feel the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy the multicultural blend Cape Town is so well known for. St. Georges Mall offers a lively atmosphere full of artists, shops, and business people.

The interior design creates a modern African atmosphere. We offer large classrooms, full of natural light, beautifully decorated, and fully equipped. The common areas offer you a large space to meet your friends during break time. There is also an outside area on our floor which you can use to get some fresh air during the break.

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Language courses

Course starts every Monday and is for all language levels.

General English GHS CC

English 17 - 99 years old

These courses are ideal for students who use English for everyday purposes.

General English 16 is recommended for students who want to have Friday off for sightseeing or other activities. 

For Beginners General English 16 is not recommended. 

Students can expect to: 
  • Practise their reading and listening skills 
  • Develop their vocabulary and grammar, so that they can communicate more effectively and accurately 
  • Practise speaking and writing 
  • Use English to exchange ideas with people from other countries 
  • The lessons are based around a coursebook, and adapted to the class. 

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Semi-intensive and Intensive English - GHS CC

English 17 - 99 years old

These courses are ideal for students who wish to optimise their study time by selecting our afternoon options for a full day of learning.

These courses are not suitable for absolute Beginners. Beginners are required to take private lessons in the afternoons.

Students who select afternoon classes will practise both receptive and productive skills in four distinct Focus Groups.

The Focus Groups, unlike the morning classes, are designed to mimic the world beyond the classroom where communication happens between people with a varied command of English. Focus Group classes, therefore, accommodate a mix of levels: strong Beginners mix with Elementary students in Survival English. The other Focus Groups mix students from Pre-Intermediate level and higher.

In the morning, students participate in the General English 20 Course (Monday to Friday). Alternatively, they can participate in the General English 16 Course (Monday to Thursday). 

For Semi-Intensive, students add two Focus Groups (5 lessons) in the afternoon. These lessons take place either Monday and Tuesday or Wednesday and Thursday depending on the groups they choose. 
For the Intensive Course, students add four Focus Groups (10 lessons). These lessons take place from Monday to Thursday. 

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Usually the check-in is one or two days before the start of the course, and check out on the day of graduation. You can change the dates in the form.

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City Centre Residence

School residence 18 - 99 years old

Important: Accommodation availability is subject to change without notice and it is out of Worddy's ability to know its availability on real time. Only the school can confirm once a booking has been received.

If you prefer to be independent, want to mix and socialise with other students, want to practise your newly acquired knowledge of English, and love the huzzle and buzzle of the city life, then this is the perfect spot for you. It offers modern, functional and affordable accommodation.

The City Centre Residence is ideal if you book our city centre school and prefer residence accommodation.

Compared to a host family, you enjoy more personal freedom. 

The City Centre Residence is ideal for the 18 to 25 age group.


Three different room categories are available: single, twin or dorm rooms with 2 bunk beds. Each room is equipped with an en-suite bathroom and a kitchen for self-catering purposes.

Students can relax on the terrace or in the common area with a cafeteria and a pool table available. Coin-operated washing machines and dreyers are also available. Wifi is offered free of charge.


The City Centre Residence is located between St Georges Mall, which is closed for traffic, and Adderley Street. Our City Centre school is only a short walk away.

Being right in the centre of the city it is only a short walk to Green Market Square, Parliament, Company’s Garden and many more tourist high-lights. Supermarkets, restaurants, banks, bus and train station are all available within a short walking distance.

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GHS Homestay - City Centre

Homestay 17 - 99 years old

Important: Accommodation availability is subject to change without notice and it is out of Worddy's ability to know its availability on real time. Only the school can confirm once a booking has been received.

Staying with a host family is a very useful addition to your language course. With them, you can practice your newly acquired skills while learning more about the country and its people. Also, South African host families are well known for their friendliness and hospitality. So it’s no surprise that most students choose a host family. 

Your host could be a single woman, an older couple or a young couple with children. They will provide you with a room with a single bed, a wardrobe and a desk. You also receive breakfast and dinner and share the bathroom with the family.

If you attend your language course at our school in the city centre, you will be accommodated with a host family either in the city centre area, Sea Point, Milnerton or one of the southern suburbs. To get to school, you either need to take a bus or use MetroRail. Most families in these areas live in flats. 

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