EC Montreal

1610 Sainte-Catherine O #401 QC H3H 2S2 Montreal Canada

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School Facilities


  • Air conditioning
  • Facilities for disabled guests
  • Reception Desk

Media and technology

  • Computer with internet available
  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Free Wifi


  • Self-study area

Food and Drink

  • Vending machine
  • Coffee shop
  • Restaurant
  • Snack

The world’s largest bilingual city, Montreal is rich in European charm with a unique English and French cultural mix. EC Montreal is an airy, modern school located in the heart of the city, where students can choose to study English, French, or both!

Centre Information

  • Launched: 2011
  • Centre capacity: 290
  • Classrooms: 22
  • Minimum age: 15
  • Students per class: Average 14
  • Wheelchair accessible (no automatic door; accommodation can be arranged upon request)

    Free access to Microsoft Office for the duration of the course.

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    Language courses

    Course starts every Monday and is for all language levels.

    General English - EC Montreal

    English 15 - 99 years old

    With a focus on fluency, the General English 20 course allows you to improve your English and gain a practical understanding of the language and how to use it. You will focus on the 4 skills: reading, writing, speaking and listening, in order to improve your level and maximise your ability to use English.

    What can you expect on this course?

    Real English
    We help you to develop your English systems (grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation) and skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening), while also building the learning skills that will keep you improving and give you the confidence to use that knowledge in real-life.  

    Creative and Energetic Classes
    When it comes to creating lessons, our teachers know what works. Classes are dynamic, engaging and motivating, designed to activate and build upon your strengths, whilst also giving targeted attention to your weaker areas. Relaxed and informal classroom environments create an encouraging atmosphere to help you build your confidence, realise your potential, and advance towards fluency.

    Learn by Doing
    At EC, progress is maximised as you are encouraged to learn by doing. Our task-based lessons focus on the active production of English, promoting class participation and interaction between students. We provide you the targeted support to help you achieve your academic goals. Our assessments give you feedback on how you are progressing and where you need more help.

    Improve Your ‘Thinking Time’
    As your skills and confidence develop with support from your teachers, so too will your ability to listen, understand and respond quickly and effectively in English. You will notice these improvements most of all when you take your English outside of the classroom and into everyday conversation in one of our vibrant English-speaking destinations!

    Expert Support
    Your teachers are trained to deliver on-going support, feedback and care throughout your time at EC. You will be taught by at least two teachers, exposing you to a variety of voices, improving your listening and boosting your vocabulary.

    Authentic Materials
    We believe there is no substitute for authentic English, so in addition to text books, our teachers use real-life resources taken from newspapers, TV, radio and the Internet. The authentic nature of these materials will give you an appreciation of the richness of the English language used in a variety of everyday contexts.

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    Intensive English - EC Montreal

    English 15 - 99 years old

    During the General English 30 course you will improve at a quicker pace. A combination of General English and a selection of specially focused classes will allow you to gain greater fluency and accuracy more quickly.

    What can you expect on this course?

    More Exposure to English
    Extra exposure to English in the classroom will help you to think in English, cutting down on time spent translating from your own language into English.

    Core English Plus Your Choice of Special Focus
    It’s your English course, so you get to decide what you want to study! You can choose from a number of options and focus on the areas of English that you want to improve. This will definitely help you make the most of your time on your English course.

    Maximum Teacher Contact Time
    More time with your teachers will help you to become more confident with your English. All lessons are creative and energising, allowing you to feel more self-assured.

    Intensive Focus on All Skills
    More time in class will allow you to focus on the key skill areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening, which will further develop fluency and accuracy through grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.

    Topic-Based lessons in Everyday Contexts
    With web articles, music, video and other authentic resources, our teachers use ‘real-life’ materials that not only help you to understand how English is used by native speakers, but also help you to study English independently, long after you have left EC. Every lesson is based on a topic. The English you need to know is taught within the context of the topic. You will then be able to apply your newfound skills correctly in other situations.

    A Focused and Relaxed Classroom Environment
    Happy students learn better than unhappy ones! That’s not a secret, but it’s something that we at EC strongly believe. And so our classrooms are places where hard work is carried out in informal and relaxed settings. Your ability and motivation will improve in a classroom with a great atmosphere.
    Specially Focused Classes
    Options will vary across EC schools, but we have a variety of options to suit your level and interests. Course include:

    • English in the City
    • Global Awareness
    • Writing with Confidence
    • English for Online Communication
    • Exam Skills
    • and much more!

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    Usually the check-in is one or two days before the start of the course, and check out on the day of graduation. You can change the dates in the form.

    I do not need accommodation

    Standard Homestay - EC Montreal

    Homestay 15 - 99 years old

    Important: Accommodation availability is subject to change without notice and it is out of Worddy's ability to know its availability on real time. Only the school can confirm once a booking has been received.

    Staying with a local family is both exciting and rewarding. Host families provide the best insight into how Canadian families live their day-to-day lives. This interaction with a family will help you communicate better, faster and allow you to pick up words and nuances used in daily situations. There is no typical homestay in Montreal. Some homes are single standing homes; others can be apartments, townhouses or multifamily homes. Living with a family will give you a great view of all the different cultures and ethnicities that the city has to offer.

    You also have the opportunity to choose between an English speaking, a French speaking or a bilingual host since Montreal is the biggest bilingual city in the world!

    You have the option to choose between a single or twin room. Each room is furnished with a bed, desk, and a closet. It is important that rooms and living areas are kept neat and tidy. You will also have access to a shared bathroom. Private bathrooms are also an option, upon request and availability.

    Bed linen and towels are provided by the host family. The host family will be happy to launder the sheets and towels once a week. You are responsible for doing your own personal laundry. Students must purchase their own laundry detergent. It is very common for families to have a designated laundry day. Internet access is available upon request and telephone access is dependent on the host family.

    Meal Description

    Breakfast and dinner are provided daily by the homestay host, who will be happy to prepare both meals. Lunch is not included in the adult homestay programme. The host will provide room in the fridge and pantry to store any food that students may purchase.

    Host families make an effort to adjust the type of food offered to the tastes of the students and take religious beliefs into consideration when preparing meals. Vegetarians or people with food allergies should specify their dietary restrictions upon booking so this can be shared with families prior to arrival.

    Breakfast varies from family to family. It is typical for Canadians to have a quick, on-the-go breakfast such as toast and a coffee. Hosts are encouraged to offer students whatever the family typically eats. Students will eat whatever the family eats and help set the table or clear up after dinner. Students are encouraged to participate in family activities or outings.

    Dinner time is usually around 7:30 pm, but families will inform the student of the time when they eat. Not all families will sit down and have dinner together every night. It is important that the student informs the host family beforehand should they be late or not having dinner. If a student misses dinner, they cannot take it for lunch the next day, since lunch is not included in the homestay program.

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    Superior Trylon Studio - EC Montreal


    School residence 18 - 99 years old

    Important: Accommodation availability is subject to change without notice and it is out of Worddy's ability to know its availability on real time. Only the school can confirm once a booking has been received.

    The accommodation is a fully furnished apartment with uncarpeted, wooden floors. The apartment also comes with a fully furnished kitchenette. Parking garage is available at an extra cost. Please refer to the prices listed in the Miscellaneous section.


    • Cleaning service is upon request. Full apartment cleaning is 52$ + taxes. If students want to do the cleaning themselves they need to buy their own cleaning materials
    • Laundry facilities are available, There are 13 card-operated washers at a cost of 2.50$ per wash. You put either a 5$, 10$, or 20$ on the card to then use them on the machine. Laundry cards can be borrowed from the reception. If the amount on the laundry card is not used in full, it cannot be refunded. If a student loses the card a fee of 20$ will be applied for a replacement. The student needs to buy washing liquid; there is a machine that also makes washing powder available in the laundry room (1$ per unit). 1 unit is good for 1 wash. There are also 13 dryers available at a cost of 2$ per cycle
    • Luggage drop-off is allowed
    • Utility bills are included
    • Kitchen utensils are provided
    • 24-Hour Security and CCTV on site
    • Concierge on site, but not from 5 AM to 8 AM on weekdays and from 5 AM to 9 AM on weekends. Concierge is always available to answer the emergency phone line +1-514-586-0235
    • Complimentary starting set of towels, bed linens, and tissues are given to the student. Change of linens and towel will cost 26$
    • Parking rates: 
      - 1 night (17.25$ taxes included)
      - 2 to 6 nights (13$ per night + taxes)
      - 7 to 29 nights (10$ per night + taxes)
      - 30 nights (165$ no taxes)
      Studded tires are strictly prohibited in the garage (a fine of 5000$+ will be applied if this rule is not followed)

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    Superior La Marq Shared Apartment - EC Montreal


    Shared Apartment 18 - 99 years old

    Important: Accommodation availability is subject to change without notice and it is out of Worddy's ability to know its availability on real time. Only the school can confirm once a booking has been received.

    La Marq au 515 is a beautiful residence with many modern features. Each apartment is spacious and well-designed with 3 or 5 single bedrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen & lounge and Wi-Fi. The unit has shared bathrooms (1 bathroom in 3-bedroom unit; 2 bathrooms in 5-bedroom unit), and each floor of apartments has a washing machine and dryer.

    Apartment facilities:

    Living room with sofas,
    32” LCD HD television,
    DVD player 
    Dining room with dining table and 4-6 chairs
    Full kitchen serves 10 people (dishes, glassware, cutlery, pots)


    • Common areas are cleaned weekly. Students are expected to clean their bedroom, take out garbage and recycle
    • Laundry room is on every floor. There is 4 washer/dryer combos must purchase pre-paid cards. The price for the washer is $2.50 and for the dryer $2.25.
    • Luggage dropoff is not allowed. There is a storage closet in the apartment that students ask their friends / roommates to store for them while they wait for their departure. They must vacate the room and only stay in the common areas before their departure
    • Utility bills are included
    • Kitchen utensils are provided
    • Study Hall
    • Sound-proofed music room and theater room with TV giant screens
    • Parking space: $250 per month
    • Weekly in-house activities organised by the residence
    • There is one TV in communal lounge

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    Options / Services

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    Cancellation Policies

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